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Whether you are a CSR, a manager or a system administrator, this guide provides detailed step by step instructions to help all levels of users execute their responsibilities within OrangeCRM accurately and efficiently. From daily customer service tasks to admin duties such as CRM setup and maintenance, this tool will deepen your understanding of how OrangeCRM works and will enable you to take full advantage of it's feature-rich design.


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How To Use This Manual

If you are looking for a specific subject, the quickest way to find it would be to use the Search box located in the upper right corner. This will find every instance of the word or phrase you are searching for.




The search results will be displayed by topic in the window pane on the left side. Simply click on a topic to view that page.




The 3 buttons located in the upper left corner can also be used to help you find the subject you are looking for:


  1. Contents button - Displays the main table of contents. Click on a book to open it and see the topics it contains. Click on a topic to view that page.

  2. Search button - This is just another way of accessing the search feature.

  3. Index button - Displays an alphabetical list of the topics in this help guide. Click on a topic to view that page.




When you click on a topic, it will open a page that contains several related subtopics. A mini table of contents is located at the top of each page, which not only provides a brief overview of the subtopics, but also contains clickable links that allow you to jump to a specific section.




As you scroll through a main topic, you will find that each subtopic is clearly identified and delineated.



To quickly get back to the mini table of contents at the top of the page, go to the main table of contents and click on the topic you are currently viewing. This will refresh the page, bringing you back to the top where you can click on the next subtopic you wish to jump to.

Symbols In This Manual

Indicates a reference to a related topic.

Indicates a useful hint.

Indicates an important notice.


If you are searching for help with a specific problem or situation, please be sure to look for a possible solution in the OrangeCRM Blog Archive book, located in the main table of contents. Our blogs are written with the goal of providing solutions to specific needs and scenarios, which is why our blog archive is conveniently included in this help guide.



Drag the gray bar in the main table of contents over to the right to expand your view of longer topic titles that may be truncated.





Glossary of Terms

If there is a term or word used within this help guide that you are unfamiliar with, please refer to the definitions provided in the Glossary of Terms topic, located in the main table of contents.



This guide assumes that you understand the Windows Operating system.


Illustrations in this guide show screen shots of the software, which is constantly under development. At times, these images may be different from the current version of the software.


The content of this guide may be modified without notice.


It is prohibited to reproduce the content of this guide, fully or partially, without notice.


If you need more advanced support than is provided in this manual, please contact us directly at (770) 227-0036 Ext 1.